Past Productions

Windows, Walls and Doors


A cupcake franchise, marriage and a limo ride to the airport. What do you do when panic hits? Where are the “self-help” books on crumbling marriages, crumbling egos and crumbly pastry?

Who do you talk to when you feel crummy? Take a limo ride to the airport with Lisa and Shlomo, two very different entrepreneurs who don’t see life, marriage or business from the same seat. You can’t go through a wall or a window, you have to open the door…

Windows, Walls and Doors was performed at St. Vladimir’s Theatre (620 Spadina Avenue) as part of the 2007 Toronto Fringe Festival.

Personnel: Yael Sirlin (playwright), Dennie Theodore (director), Debra Hale (Lisa/Nurit), Shaun Clarke (Shlomo/Josh), Hillari Blumfald (stage manager), Tom Rush (producer).

Nice to Meet You


“Writer Yael Sirlin captures the intimacy of married life by making us laugh and cringe in recognition.” NOW magazine

Nice to Meet You is a play is about holding on, letting go, moving forward and all the ugly hurt buried inside as two people experience a blind date with an ex-partner nearby. Is it really over between Judy and Justin?

It was performed in Toronto as part of Cabbagetown Theatre Company‘s annual short play festival, No Sweetheart Required, in February 2010.

Personnel: Yael Sirlin (playwright), Barbara LaRose (director), Sarah Campbell (Judy), Adam Brooks (Justin), Michael Posthumus(Nick), Blake Thorne and Elisabeth Feltaous (producers).